I'm Mikhail Strizhov




Full stack developer

from Russia, Moscow



I've been a developer since 2006..

As an all round software engineer with years of experience, I have worked in app development, web development and desktop software development, encompassing a wide spectrum of skills. I am adaptable to any new technologies.

I was a game developer (Linux, C++, OpenGL for 3 years), web developer (HTML, CSS, PHP, Lavarel for 3 years), I developed videoserver (ffmpeg for 3 months). I developed a server for gaming (1 year), I developed servers for messenger (boost.asio, C++ for 1 year), I made desktop app using Qt (0.5 year). I made enterprise web applications using Java, AngularJS v1, React (1 year). I made web applications with .NET Core and React (1 year). I'm expert in PostgreSQL, MySql, MSSQL (3 years). I have strong algorithm knowledge, I know how databases work and can finetune your database.

Why you should hire me

  • I can quickly dive into new project regardless of used technologies and codebase size.
  • You will not have problems in communication with me, I will quickly respond to your requests.
  • I'm a professional, highly-motivated and self-directed developer who always gets the job done.


C++ React ASP.NET Core JavaScript HTML5 CSS PHP C# Docker PostgreSQL MongoDb MySQL MariaDB MSSQL NodeJS NPM WebPack SASS Git

Demo projects (opensource)

Food delivery platform
E-Commerce platform build on Express, React

Project consists of folowing parts:

Storefront demo:

Admin demo:

API specification: link

React Server Side Rendering Webpack Express NodeJS MongoDB CRUD HTML CSS Responsive Design

Figures demo
ASP.NET Core / React SPA Demo

The application calculates area of circle by radius, area of triangle by three sides.

ASP.NET Core C# React TypeScript NUnit

Statistics server
Multithreaded C++ app demo.

Application accepts file or pipe with statistics. Application accepts UDP requests or Linux signals and reply with statistics.

Linux C++ Threads

OpenCL Application.
OpenCL Application.

Application solves problem: Given two positive integers. Find the sum of their squares. Further, assuming that we only know this amount, it is necessary to find two initial numbers.

Math C++ OpenCL

Enterprise projects (source code is private)

E-Commerce site

Site for selling shoes

Sportbet site

The site was developed entirely by me. The site is based on CMS bitrix. My tasks: to create a template based on design. PHP coding: download and update news from a set of RSS feeds, display events for bets from the database.

Geoekoservice site

My tasks: Create HTML/CSS template from design. Make request to SOAP service. Display map with pins.

Bookmaking terminal

I made interaction with equipment (C++ library) and visualization (C#, Mono).

C# Mono C++ OpenGL
Bookmaking server

Server for Bookmaking

C# MSSQL Sockets
Remote terminal (MVP)

The idea was to capture video from real device, encoding and transfer over network inside flv container.

Capture video Encoding with ffmpeg Send over network C++
Cashier workplace

This is web application for cashier

Java Spring AngularJS WebPack Hibernate PostgreSQL
Processing center

Club managment workplace

Java Spring React WebPack Hibernate PostgreSQL
Web browser for Cashier workplace (based on Qt Web Engine)

The purpose of custom web browser is maintain bridge between javascript and equipment. There was a lot work with equipment: cash mashine, cardreader etc.

C++ Qt
Bookmaking terminal

This terminal is complete rewrite of project based on C#.

C++ Cocos2D-x OpenGL Protocols
Videopoker terminal

High resolution videopoker terminal

Team lead C++ Cocos2D-x OpenGL Protocols
Microloans platform

This terminal is complete rewrite of project based on C#.

C# .NET Core ASP.NET React PostgreSQL Microservices Docker Consul

Work experience

May 2019 - Present

Vipole - Secure messenger. Moscow, Russia.



  1. Server

    Technologies: C++, Boost. Asio, Mongo DB

  2. Client

    Technologies: C++, Qt, Windows, Linux, Video / Audio Codec

July 2009 - May 2019

Vulkan, Smart Games, Finstarlabs. Moscow, Russia.



  1. Bookmaking terminal

    Technologies: C#, mono, C++, OpenGL

    I made interaction with equipment (C++ library) and visualization (C#, Mono)

  2. Bookmaking server

    Technologies: C#, MS SQL, Sockets

    Participated on projects 1, 2 during 3 years.

  3. Remote terminal (MVP)

    Technologies: capture video, encoding with ffmpeg, send over network, decoding, remote control over network (Linux, C++, ffmpeg)

    Participated on project as exclusive developer during 0.5 year.

  4. Cashier workplace

    This is web application written using Java, Spring, Angular, Webpack, Hibernate, PostgreSQL.

    Participated on project during 1 year.

  5. Web browser for Cashier workplace (based on Qt Web Engine)

    The purpose of custom web browser is maintain bridge between javascript and equipment.

    Technoloies: C++, Qt

  6. Bookmaking terminal

    This terminal is complete rewrite of project #1

    Technologies: C++, cocos2d-x, OpenGL

    Participated on project during 3 years.

  7. Platform for microloans

    Technologies: C#, ASP.NET, .NET Core, docker, microservices, consul

    I’m participated in project now.

March 2008 – December 2008

OOO “KO Deluks”. Moscow, Russia.

  • Development of games for online casino in Silverlight (C#)
  • Development server-side software (Windows, C#, work with TCP/IP, interaction with DB)

February 2006 - June 2007

ZAO “GK “MATTINO”. Moscow, Russia.

  • Development of a program for automatic data exchange between stores, website and Head Office:
    • development of the client side application in WinForms (Windows, C#, multi-threaded programming)
    • interaction with 1C
    • development of the server-side software (on the website) (Linux, PHP, Bash)
  • Further development of the website and internal corporate portal (PHP, JavaScript, MySQL)
  • Consolidation and processing of sales data on website, preparation of reports (Linux, PHP, MySQL, Bash)
  • Development of shell for carputer:
    • study of the market, availability of software
    • rework of third-party software (Windows, Visual Basic)
    • interaction with TV-tuner (Windows, С++, COM, DirectShow)


  +7-905-701-56-10 (I would prefer if you will send messages instead of calling)